Why Join BREAZE 2019

Green Drinks Dec 2018

As you probably know BREAZE is a local, volunteer based community group advising and encouraging LOCAL action by individuals, businesses and government in the Ballarat Region to reduce emissions to zero by 2030. As you have been a valued member of BREAZE in the past, we are asking if you would again consider supporting us through financial membership. Here’s why we think you should take another look at our organisation:

BREAZE facilitates, encourages, informs and guides the wider Ballarat Community towards zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. We are not a political group. We believe that political action is necessary, but individuals and enterprises should act for themselves in conjunction with political action.

We want to:

  • Protect and enhance the natural environment.
  • Increase sustainability within the region by promoting and developing sources of renewable energy.
  • Significantly reduce the region’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Support adaption initiatives that assist the local community’s resilience to cope with more extremes of climate.
  • Support not-for-profit organisations by fund raising to provide renewable energy solutions for their operations

Currently BREAZE is achieving this through:

  • Holding monthly talks at the Ballarat Library under the banner of Sustainable Living Ballarat (new venue in 2019).
  • Running Green Drinks monthly at the Main Bar, Ballarat.
  • Helping Alternative Technologies Australia with Sustainable House Day once a year.
  • Supporting the Victorian Government’s Community Power Hub initiative.
  • Running ‘Social Solar’ where we subsidise solar power installation for social housing and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Supporting the local ‘Boomerang Bags’ group who produce a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.
  • Community consultation.
  • Community Advocacy.

However to enable us to carry out the important role we play in the Ballarat Region, we do need money and volunteers to assist us. Please consider joining us as the small joining fee funds our programs. Increased membership assists us in our advocacy and consultative roles (i.e.: the bigger our membership, the more clout we have to help change happen). If you have time, as well as becoming a member we would love for you to volunteer and help us in our vital work. Volunteering could be as simple as helping once a year or more regular help if you wish.

Join us to help with these and more.