Ten (10) Years of BREAZE

BREAZE can trace it's beginnings to a Walk Against Warming that happened in November of 2006.

By 2007, BREAZE was an incorporated body, with a plethora of excited, active and dedicated volunteers, and the sustainability trail was blazed across Central Victoria.  So much renewable energy in the form of Solar hot water and Solar Electricity is now gracing the roofs of Ballarat and Surrounds!

Congratulations to all the volunteers and board members who have got BREAZE to 2017.  Our current projects are Social Solar, Ballarat Farmers Market, Smart Living Ballarat, with Ballarat Energy Solutions,  and even more to come.

Enjoy the photo display showing some old images - what a lot of achievements!  Click on one to start the gallery. Thanks to Mel Stanger for so many icon images to remember what was dreamed and made true.