Community Action - What is this

Community Action is how people in the greater Ballarat region  engage in environmental activities.

Within BREAZE this is usually done within Action Groups.  

Our major Action Groups are our Programs

  • Social Solar
  • Smart Living Ballarat
  • Sustainable House Day
  • affiliated Buninyong Boomerang Bags group
  • affiliated Buninyong Community Collective
  • affiliated Ballarat Repair Cafe

Our Action Groups are formed by members of BREAZE partaking in community actions in an area they are particularly interested in.   These may be ongoing activities like Local Food or a one off activity like a film screening.

There are also affiliated groups.   These are groups run semi independently from BREAZE but under the auspice of BREAZE.  These groups gain the benefits of BREAZE incorporation including insurance, marketing and other BREAZE resources.  

For more information read our Q&A or contact regarding setting up an affiliated groups.

Current Affiliated Groups

  • Buninyong Boomerang Bags
  • Buninyong Community Collective
  • Ballarat Repair Cafe

BREAZE also acknowledges the efforts of a number of independent environmental groups.   If you are involved in an environmental group not listed here then please contact .