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April has been a busy month for Board members and volunteers with planning for our 10th Anniversary event to be held next month (Sunday 28th May) at the Eureka Hall, recruiting a Smart Living Ballarat Coordinator, making a submission to the City of Ballarat in relation to the Draft Council Plan 2017-21 and working collaboratively with other Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat members on positioning Ballarat as centre for renewable energy.

Peter Reid and Jane Lean have been working tirelessly on the New Energy Jobs Project and attended an interview with the funding assessment panel following submission of the application last month.

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We need to get the message across about the actions needed to avert climate chaos. The Adani mine should not go ahead on environmental, social and ecomonic grounds.

Join us for a protest march, 11am, Saturday the 22nd, from the Ballarat Town Hall.

 stop adani ballarat

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Mkt Feb 11 buskersFor those who haven't been to our Ballarat Farmers Market for a while, you’ll discover a hive of activity. There is of course the great range of produce stalls and BREAZE promotes the idea: ‘shop locally and reduce food miles’.

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BREAZE has submitted an application to the New Energy Jobs Fund for the Bio-energy Briquette Supply Chain project.  This project will prepare a business case for a briquette supply chain, based in the Ballarat area, that uses waste wood & sawdust to make briquettes and subsequently uses those briquettes for commercial and industrial processes.  The application is for $71,140 which will be match with a $69,840 in-kind contribution from project partners, BREAZE, BRI, PINARC and Federation University.  BREAZE is also contributing $2,500 in cash to the project.

The key objectives of this project are to

  • design systems for the transport, manufacture and distribution of briquettes and their associated feed stock;
  • establish fixed & variable costs, as well as break even points & sell prices, for briquettes;
  • demonstrate how existing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can be converted to run on briquettes;
  • clarify labour inputs associated with these processes and the extent of new job creation
  • facilitate knowledge sharing of the findings.

We are currently looking at several other oppurtunities.    If you woulkd like to help in this process please let us know.

I Rossiter SLB

In recent weeks BREAZE has been highly active with so many sustainability events, media opportunities and projects being planned. Last week ABC Regional Radio sought BREAZE's views on the changes to the domestic solar feed in tariff announced by the Essential Services Commission which come into effect on 1/7/17. This was a great opportunity to promote BREAZE's objectives of transitioning Ballarat to 100% renewable energy. Our members were active at the Smart Building and Living Expo providing advice and assistance to many visitors.

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