Bio-energy Briquette Supply Chain

BREAZE has submitted an application to the New Energy Jobs Fund for the Bio-energy Briquette Supply Chain project.  This project will prepare a business case for a briquette supply chain, based in the Ballarat area, that uses waste wood & sawdust to make briquettes and subsequently uses those briquettes for commercial and industrial processes.  The application is for $71,140 which will be match with a $69,840 in-kind contribution from project partners, BREAZE, BRI, PINARC and Federation University.  BREAZE is also contributing $2,500 in cash to the project.

The key objectives of this project are to

  • design systems for the transport, manufacture and distribution of briquettes and their associated feed stock;
  • establish fixed & variable costs, as well as break even points & sell prices, for briquettes;
  • demonstrate how existing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can be converted to run on briquettes;
  • clarify labour inputs associated with these processes and the extent of new job creation
  • facilitate knowledge sharing of the findings.

We are currently looking at several other oppurtunities.    If you woulkd like to help in this process please let us know.