Social Solar

SS by BREAZE A4 Sunny no logos#SocialSolarByBREAZE - Good for the Environment - Great for the Community

Social Solar by BREAZE uses donations and grants to supply solar panels to not-for-profit community organisations.  This results in reduced emissions and more renewable energy in our region, which is exactly what we stand for.

Our first project was solar panels for Ballarat Regional Industries (BRI) Walker Street factory.  The funds BREAZE raised meant a 30kW system could be installed.  BRI estimate that the savings they will make from their reduced electricity costs will allow them to employ up to three more people with disabilities.  This is a great social outcome on top of the positive environmental outcomes achieved.

BREAZE is now taking suggestions for its next project.  If you would like to suggest a not-for-profit community organisation that could benefit from participating in this initiative, then please please email .

Some of the projects currently under consideration are solar hot water and/or solar panels for social housing; funding the conversion of community bus to run on batteries charged with solar power; putting solar panels on another factory.  Your suggestions for other project are most welcome.  Please email with your suggestions.


Our Projects