BREAZE Purpose

BREAZE formed as a result of a groundswell of people meeting after Ballarat's 2006 "Walk Against Warming" rally at Lake Wendouree. The concept was further promoted at the 2006 Ballarat Springfest Extravaganza's  Environment Pavilion and a public meeting was convened with representatives of the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group and a local steering committee was established. The group hosted its first formal meeting at Aquinas University in February 2007 and later that month BREAZE became an incorporated body with an initial 44 signed up members. From the BREAZE's 2007 Strategic Plan the following statements that are still valid are provided:

BREAZE's Community Vision

By 2020, the Ballarat community will have significantly reduced its GHG emissions with the direct intention of achieving zero emissions by 2030.

BREAZE's Core Objective

It is the intention of BREAZE to facilitate, encourage and educate the wider Ballarat community towards a goal of zero emissions by 2030.The advocacy, installation and provision of renewable energy sources and improved efficiencies across the residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and transport sectors of society will reduce Ballarat's greenhouse gas emissions and move the community towards a sustainable future.

BREAZE's Statement of Purpose

The principal objective of BREAZE is to protect and enhance the natural environment and increase sustainability within the region by promoting and developing renewable sources of energy and significantly reducing the region's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.