Our structure?

This website has been built to reflect the BREAZE structure.   A brief explanation of this structure / web site follows.

This document needs to be updated.


Under this menu you will find out about BREAZE and the administration of how we operate. 

  • Pupose
  • Programs and Action Groups contacts, how to form a new group or program,
  • The BREAZE main contacts,
  • how to Volunteer, register, volunteer activities and information,
  • Membership: Join ,Renew or Check your status,
  • Paid Positions and our Contractors,
  • our Partners.

Action Groups

Action Groups are sub groups within BREAZE.  They are formed by members to run an event, activity or anything environmental/ sustainable that intereests them.   This could be to do with local food,  transport ,advocacy or just to raise community awareness of particular issues.    It may also be an existing group that allready exists that wants to become affiliated within BREAZE.    There are also a number of local groups within  our area that are independent of BREAZE that similar ideasl to us.  They are listed here.

Contact Us

BREAZE has a number of contact points

  • Market
  • Smart Living Balarat (SLB) at the library
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Board members


BREAZE is always looking for more volunteers.   


By becoming or remaining a member of BREAZE, you assist us

  • financially in the running of our events, activities and programs,
  • in our advocacy by demonstrating the support we have,
  • in gaining grants and donations by demonstrating the support base we have,
  • and give us the potential to draw on your expertise.

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News and Events

There is a lot of activities going on through BREAZE and other local events.    Through facebook, newsletters and this section we try and keep you abreast of all the activities and events.

Community Action

Community Action are events, activities or programs that BREAZE or local groups are involved in.   In can encompass a range of activities like

  • increasing awareness through talks or displays
  • workshops or talks to increase peoples awareness of energy needs

BREAZE handles this through Programs and Action Groups.

There are also a number of other local groups and programs that BREAZE is aware of that are doing work in the environmental space.


Therse are the major activities currently undertaken by BREAZE.

Business and Government

BREAZE works with government in two ways

  • advocacy

At all levels of the government we attempt to influence policies and decisions.  The more members, subscribers, facebook followers we have the more influence we have.

  • working groups

BREAZE has a close working relationship with a number of business and government organisations.   We are represented on a number of their committees.