The New Bushfire Reality

As part of BREAZEs Adapting to the New Climate Reality Project we are holding a Forum on our changing Bushfire reality. Bushfire are a fact of life in Australia but a rapidly warming climate has meant we have to prepare for more frequent and fiercer fires.   Whether you live in the bush, on the edge of Ballarat or in town bushfires will affect you and you need to know how to protect yourself.  

The forum will be an opportunity to understand and discuss

  1. Why our bushfire risks are increasing?   How can we manage these risks?
  2. The effects this will have on power supplies, water supplies, transport disruption. In fact almost everything!
  3. What is in our current Emergency Management Planning Systems?  Where will you evacuate to before a fire?   What will you bring with you?   How can you be helped afterwards?
  4. Increased preparations we will have to put in place during fire season.   How will we protect our home if we have to leave? What will we take when we leave ? Where will we go to?   What will we do with our pets?   And 100 other questions you might raise.

An extended discussion session in small groups will give everyone the opportunity to raise issues and develop ideas on how Ballarat can update the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP).

The day offers many opportunities

  • presentations which will highlight increased bush fire risks as well as our current plans for dealing with these situations
  • small discussion groups to encourage you to question what you have heard and offer your thoughts on coping with the new climate reality
  • a Q&A panel will pull together your questions and ideas
  • many stall holders will offer wide ranging practical resources to deal with the increased fire risk

If you want to find out more or be involved in the development of the Forum contact Joe Natoli on 0411 568 523 or email Joe.