Major parties must recognise ‘national firefighting assets’ are needed to fight worsening natural disasters, say fire experts
More than 20 former fire and emergency chiefs from multiple states and territories say Australia is unprepared for worsening natural disasters from climate change and governments are putting lives at risk.

...The group also wants the next government to commit to an inquiry into whether Australia’s emergency services are adequately resourced to deal with increased risks from natural disasters caused by climate change.

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'Passive' home more expensive to build but cheaper to run, achieves highest bushfire risk rating.

Australia's first passive house built to the highest bushfire rating has been unveiled in the midst of an early start to the bushfire season, as experts gather to advise residents on fire safety.

  • Home builders have designed and built an eco-friendly passive home that meets the development requirements for the highest bushfire risk rating
  • The energy-efficient home costs $3.80 a day to power, but construction costs were 22 per cent higher than a standard build
  • A bushfire architecture consultant said building bush homes partially underground could be the future for fire protection

When Joe and Merylese Mercieca began building solar passive homes 15 years ago, architects, suppliers, and contractors told them it would not work.
Without the available solar technology, the Merciecas were able to achieve a solar passive rating by thinking creatively and adapting commercial products for residential builds.
"So we proved everybody wrong 15 years ago … [and] we're doing it again today," Mr Mercieca said.
Their latest creation is Australia's first passive house to meet the development requirements for the highest bushfire risk rating — Bushfire Attack Level Flame Zone (BAL-FZ).


The Municipal Emergency Management Plan is developed by the City of Ballarat in conjunction with relevant bodies in the Ballarat area.  The plan addresses prevention of, response to and recovery from, emergencies within the City of Ballarat.   

To ensure you have the latest version you should check the City of Ballarat website.

Municipal Emergency management Plan 2016-192.pdf