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New Energy Future for Ballarat and Grampians Region

On Wednesday 25 October, the Ballarat and Grampians Region’s Supporting the New Energy Future” Prospectus was launched together with a video aimed at attracting bidders for the Victorian Renewable Energy Target Round 1 to invest in a range of projects within Ballarat and the Grampians Region.

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Lily D'Ambrosia, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change announced yesterday that BREAZE was successful in its application to determine whether waste wood and sawdust can be used to make briquettes for commercial and industrial use.

As part of the announcement Lily said that "We’re proud to support this initiative and the push to accelerate the uptake of waste to energy technology in the regions and generate more jobs and economic growth".

BREAZE  has received $71,000 towards the project valued at $143,480 and will deliver a business case to determine the viability of diverting waste wood and sawdust from landfill to make briquettes.

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crisis or new goldOn Wednesday 30th September.  Ian Rossiter on behalf of the Regional Sustainability Alliance and BREAZE presented a Forum on “Ballarat’s Energy- Crisis or our New Gold”.

Its purpose was to create awareness about the Finkel Review, the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets and opportunities for our region to generate investment, jobs and have energy security and affordability. Due to limited capacity the event was by invitation only. One of the outcomes was for RSA to work with other organisations in Ballarat to ensure that the whole community is aware of and is involved in these exciting initiatives. As part of this we hope to distill the outcomes and arrange for BREAZE members to engage in a concerted campaign to drive investment in renewable energy in our region.

As part of the "Community Power Hub" program BREAZE will also be engaging with BREAZE members and the wider community.

Watch the presentation on Face Book.

ABC 7:30 Report used in presentation -

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RSA Ballarat sqareRSA Newsletter November 2016

Hi RSAB Members. As we have completed our meeting schedule for 2016 and will regroup in early 2017, I am forwarding you information that will be of interest to your organisations and may allow collaborative responses. On behalf of BREAZE and the RSAB members, I wish everyone a safe and happy festive season.

Regards Ian Rossiter
Chair RSAB


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Regional Partnerships Main Logo RGBTuesday 15th November

Tarn Kruger representing Breaze attended the Central Highlands Regional Assembly on Tuesday 15th November in Ballarat. The assembly brought together a diverse range of over 200 people from communities, industry, businesses and government across the Central Highlands area. Held at the Mercure Hotel, the gathering started at 5.30pm and concluded at 8.30pm. The Premier, Daniel Andrews opened the Assembly and welcomed vibrant discussion and input from the region.

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DELWP VIC Gvt logoDELWP Regional Partnerships Meeting

October 31st

Tarn Kruger, representing BREAZE met with Christine Ferguson, the Regional Director of the Grampians Region DELWP.

The ideas Tarn / BREAZE put forward at Monday’s meeting were around climate change; water security; and population change, and the importance for communities and industries to respond and prepare. On-going investment in research and development is critical in climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addition, issues facing the built environment concern energy supply and use; housing standards (sustainably); and transport efficiency and energy solutions.

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Ballarat City location mapWhat Do City of Ballarat Council Candidates Plan to do About Climate Change?

BREAZE sent out the following survey questions to each of the City of Ballarat Councillor Election candidate’s email addresses registered on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s website:

  1. What are your top 3 priorities for Council over the next 4 years?
  2. Why?
  3. How have you personally and publicly responded to the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  4. How might the City of Ballarat address the issues raised by global warming and climate change?
  5. How could you influence these decisions?
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westwind energy logo

In response to BREAZE's submission to the LAL LAL Wind Farm permit we have been invited to attend the public hearing to speak in support of our written submission.

Through our submission we have shown our support of the project and will not be attending in person.   Our submission will still be considered and we notify people of the outcome when it becomes known.

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