New Energy Future

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New Energy Future for Ballarat and Grampians Region

On Wednesday 25 October, the Ballarat and Grampians Region’s Supporting the New Energy Future” Prospectus was launched together with a video aimed at attracting bidders for the Victorian Renewable Energy Target Round 1 to invest in a range of projects within Ballarat and the Grampians Region.

The prospectus was developed by a working group that has been meeting over recent months to maximise investment in our region by the large scale renewable energy providers who will be participating in a reverse auction to win contracts to supply electricity to Victoria. The working group which includes BREAZE has produced a prospectus document, a video and a series of project summaries that investors may wish to pledge to fund as part of their tender proposals.

The video can be seen here Video Ballarat Grampians Region New Energy Future

The prospectus can be seen as an attachment below.

BREAZE has developed two regional projects for consideration that are scale-able and would provide renewable energy to the regions health providers and to residents with health care cards who live in their own homes or have long term tenancy status.