Ballarat’s Energy - Crisis or our New Gold?

crisis or new goldOn Wednesday 30th September.  Ian Rossiter on behalf of the Regional Sustainability Alliance and BREAZE presented a Forum on “Ballarat’s Energy- Crisis or our New Gold”.

Its purpose was to create awareness about the Finkel Review, the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets and opportunities for our region to generate investment, jobs and have energy security and affordability. Due to limited capacity the event was by invitation only. One of the outcomes was for RSA to work with other organisations in Ballarat to ensure that the whole community is aware of and is involved in these exciting initiatives. As part of this we hope to distill the outcomes and arrange for BREAZE members to engage in a concerted campaign to drive investment in renewable energy in our region.

As part of the "Community Power Hub" program BREAZE will also be engaging with BREAZE members and the wider community.

Watch the presentation on Face Book.

ABC 7:30 Report used in presentation -

Power Point of Presentation used in presentation - RSA_Ballarat_Energy_discussion.pptx243.97 KB30/08/2017, 04:01