Regional Partnerships Assembly

Regional Partnerships Main Logo RGBTuesday 15th November

Tarn Kruger representing Breaze attended the Central Highlands Regional Assembly on Tuesday 15th November in Ballarat. The assembly brought together a diverse range of over 200 people from communities, industry, businesses and government across the Central Highlands area. Held at the Mercure Hotel, the gathering started at 5.30pm and concluded at 8.30pm. The Premier, Daniel Andrews opened the Assembly and welcomed vibrant discussion and input from the region.

Nine new Regional Partnerships have been established by the Victorian Government across the State to give regional communities greater say about what matters to them and ensure their voices reach the heart of government. The Assemblies in in each region are designed to provide opportunity for participants to help determine the actions that can transform each region.

There were six themes presented at the Assembly: Economic Development; Education and Training; Health; Infrastructure including Connectivity; Social Welfare and Community; and, Environment and Agriculture. These themes had been developed through engagement with communities on priorities for the region through many small meetings during September and October, and for example, Tarn had attended a meeting with the Regional Director of DELWP in October. The contribution of ideas and priorities can be found at,

Each participant was appointed to a table of 8-10 people and the group were asked to consider and discuss three questions for one of the themes.

Q1 What are the strengths of our region?

Q2 What are the barriers or weaknesses stopping us from realising our potential?

Q3 What are the big ideas or solutions that could be considered

Over the course of the evening and because of time constraints each participant was involved in discussion of just two themes. Tarn participated in discussion for the theme Environment and Agriculture; and, Infrastructure and Connectivity. An official scribe on the table typed in people’s comments and then the groups considered the key ideas related to the three questions. These main ideas were then placed on display boards and everyone had the opportunity to walk around, read and then finally pop one ‘red dot’ sticker on their preference for each of the six themes. The Assembly was abuzz with conversation, inspiration and new ideas and we hope great things particularly related to renewable energy, will emerge for our region.

In early 2017, the Regional Partnership has an opportunity to take the best of these ideas direct to the heart of State Government to advocate for their support. The priorities will be presented directly to the Victorian Government’s Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee in early 2017.

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