RSA Ballarat - July

RSA Ballarat sqareBREAZE has provided the chair and secretarial role for Regional Sustainable Alliance Ballarat (RSAB) over the last 2 years to ensure that there is information, communication and coordination of organisations in the region over matters relating to environmental sustainability.

RSAB has representation from DELWP, Sustainability Victoria, our regional waste and resource recovery group (GCWWRG), Committee for Ballarat, Ballarat Environment Network, Federation University, City of Ballarat, Cultivate Agribusiness, PLEA Network Central Victoria Greenhouse Alliance and BREAZE.


The Committee for Ballarat, has released to its members and RSAB its position on renewable energy which supports the investment in wind, solar and bioenergy in order to reduce emissions and attract investment and new jobs in the renewable energy sector.

The City of Ballarat is seeking investment in a waste to energy facility and bio technology to be cornerstones of its Ballarat West Employment Zone.

RSAB is planning to facilitate a renewable energy workshop later in the year that can build on the successes of the Hepburn Wind Farm, the Beaufort Hospital’s biomass heating system and BREAZE’s Social Solar projects.