Ballarat City location mapWhat Do City of Ballarat Council Candidates Plan to do About Climate Change?

BREAZE sent out the following survey questions to each of the City of Ballarat Councillor Election candidate’s email addresses registered on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s website:

  1. What are your top 3 priorities for Council over the next 4 years?
  2. Why?
  3. How have you personally and publicly responded to the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  4. How might the City of Ballarat address the issues raised by global warming and climate change?
  5. How could you influence these decisions?
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In response to BREAZE's submission to the LAL LAL Wind Farm permit we have been invited to attend the public hearing to speak in support of our written submission.

Through our submission we have shown our support of the project and will not be attending in person.   Our submission will still be considered and we notify people of the outcome when it becomes known.

RSA Ballarat sqareBREAZE has provided the chair and secretarial role for Regional Sustainable Alliance Ballarat (RSAB) over the last 2 years to ensure that there is information, communication and coordination of organisations in the region over matters relating to environmental sustainability.

RSAB has representation from DELWP, Sustainability Victoria, our regional waste and resource recovery group (GCWWRG), Committee for Ballarat, Ballarat Environment Network, Federation University, City of Ballarat, Cultivate Agribusiness, PLEA Network Central Victoria Greenhouse Alliance and BREAZE.


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BREAZE will become a Founding partner to the Victoria Government’s Climate Change Action Pledge.   The Take 2 Pledge is designed for businesses, organisations and individuals to sign up to take action on climate change to limit global warming to 2 degrees C.   To find out more and take the pledge visit

BREAZE realises that this is not optimal but it is a valuable process to gain ongoing public support.

More information when the official launch occurs.

BREAZE is involved in advocacy at many levels.

  • Federal
  • State
  • Council
  • Business

If you would like to assist in this process and have the support of BREAZE behind you please contact the or volunteer through this site.

We often have specific campaigns targetting particular issues.   The recent campaigns will appear in the news section of the website.




This article needs to be updated.  If you would like to help contact

So you want to build some pressure for effective action on climate? There are number of ways to go:

You can contact your local Member of Parliament.

Write a letter to the newspaper.

Contact your local radio station.

Contacting Politicians

There are a few simple ideas you can follow to make your contact as effective as possible.

Writing Letters - some great tips from ACF about writing effective letters

Meeting MPs - some notes from our Climate of Change Project on meeting with your local MP

Ballarat MP Contact Details

Catherine King - Federal Member for Ballarat

5 Lydiard Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350

ph: 5338 8123

Geoff Howard - State MLA for Ballarat East

15 Main Road
Ballarat, VIC 3350

ph: 5331 7722

Sharon Knight - State MLA for Ballarat West

Details tba

Jaala Pulford - State MLC for Western Victoria

15 Main Road
Ballarat, VIC 3350

ph: 5332 2405    


Always good to keep letters below 200 words and to the point. You can always write another letter for that other great idea you can't quite make fit!

The Courier -

The Age -
Herald Sun -
The Australian -
Financial Review -

Radio Stations

Talkback shows are a great way to keep an idea bubbling away.

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