Impacts of Climate Change on Rural Landscapes


Breaze board member Tarn Kruger recently attended a forum about impacts of climate changed on rural landscapes. The forum was organised y Natural Resources Conservation League (NRCL) and held at Narmbool on Monday 28th November.

Approximately 100 people came from near and far to listen and learn about the latest information from key researchers and practitioners. Presenters were from the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, rural councils and Universities including Deakin; Melbourne; and Macquarie.

The forum outlined the science of climate change and how its impacts are shaping rural landscapes and communities. The information highlighted climate trends for rural Victoria and the impacts on our agricultural industries and biodiversity. Some case studies of adaptati

on by rural councils and the application of Indigenous knowledge of climate change to adaptation planning was also presented.

The day was a full program of information and some of the data very challenging and at times despairing. This reinforces the importance of organisations like Breaze and everyday people taking action and doing their bit to prepare for a difficult future.

On a brighter note, the gardens at Narmbool are looking beautiful and it is a credit to all those involved who have worked to restore areas impacted by the Scotsburn fire, which burnt very close to the homestead in December 2015.

A number of the presenters at the forum have kindly agreed to provide their presentations for uploading onto the NRCL website:

And other Useful links suggested by NRCL related to the forum: