Community Renewable Energy Public Forum 23 Feb 2017

Søren HermansenDanish Farmer and internationally-renowned renewable energy pioneer Søren Hermansen is set to visit Ballarart thanks to Hepburn Wind Farm, Committee for Ballarat and the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE).

Søren’s visit will share how his island community Samso successfully delivered a 100% renewable transition in a 10 year period and have built an Energy Academy to support this.

In his first visit to Australia, Mr Hermansen will travel to Ballarat to share the story of Samso Island—the Danish island powered entirely by solar, wind, and bioenergy — in event on Thursday February 23 at 9am

“I’m excited to visit Ballarat and to hear about your local energy transition and community energy movement. Our community has shown that it is possible, we secured our future by developing renewable energy resources and so can this region,” said Mr Hermansen.

“The Samso Island community’s push into renewable energy allowed it to diversify its economy and create good jobs, allowing it to stem the tide of younger generations leaving the farms.”

“The Danish model of community ownership has been a very successful way for communities to participate in and benefit from the renewable energy transition. It’s exciting to know there’s an appetite and community energy movement here in Australia.”

“Samso Island has run a successful Energy Academy for over 10 year, helping us develop and deliver community energy projects and build the capacity of people to participate in the energy transition.”

About Søren

Søren Hermansen spearheaded his community's efforts to become 100 percent energy independent and has proved to the world that it is possible for communities to become renewable energy self-sufficient.

Born and raised on the Island of Samsø in Denmark - the island became the world’s first 100% renewable island in 2007. He is the leader of Samsø Energy and Environment organisation (SEEO) and the CEO of the Samsø Energy Academy. He lives on Samsø with his wife and two children and his career has encompassed farming, education, facilitation, and community development.

Søren focuses on transferring common knowledge into action and translating top down policies into local action. He sees community power as the key to energy democracy and local ownership.

Søren is Time Magazines Hero of the Environment 2008; winner of the Gotenborg prize 2009; Svend Auken award for environmental leadership 2011; member of advisory panel for the Danish ministry of energy and climate; member of network group in Japan Renewable Energy Foundation; and Adjunct professor at Aalborg University and author of “Commonity= Common + Community” a book about modern commons and how to understand them.

For more information see Samsø Energy Academy


WHAT: Søren Hermansen's Presentation on Creating the World's First 100% Renewable Energy Island

WHEN: Thursday 23 February from 9am

WHERE:Tech Park Central Theaterette, Lydiard Street South.

This event is open to all interested members of the community. It will be followed by an invitation only workshop linited to 24 people.

Further Information: Ian Rossiter BREAZE 0467 220 442