Good Grief Network

Living lightly with Love

10 Steps to Personal Resilience and Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate

Have you sometimes felt overwhelmed by what is happening in the world? Do climate change, species extinction or systemic issues of society keep you awake at night? Have you felt grief for all the losses of the extended bushfire season?


Join with a community of others and work to move through the heavy feelings in this heart-centred program by the Good Grief Network. Combat despair, inaction and eco-anxiety and discover inspiration and tools to build resilience, deepen self-awareness and embrace interconnection.

Venue: The Healthy Hub Wellness Centre, 100 Bridge Mall, Ballarat
Info session: Tuesday 3 March 2020, 6:30pm. Free to attend. Get in touch, or just come along.
Weekly sessions: Begin Tuesday 10 March 2020, 6:30pm. Bookings essential.
Voluntary contributions $10-15/sesssion are welcome, to help cover costs, but entirely optional - your participation is the most important thing.

Contact: Facilitator Liz Wade - 0402 553 181,