Victorian Coal Policy - Have your say

coal policy meme Apr 2017

BREAZE is supporting Friends of the Earth in their efforts to ensure that Victoria's new coal policy meets our objectives.

If you could take a few minutes and send a message to the premier, resources minister and key cabinet members, it will make a big difference. Time is of the essence on this one.

You may be aware that the VIC government will shortly release it’s new coal policy. Coal, of course, is the main source of our electricity at present, and contributes around half of our state’s greenhouse gas pollution.

As the closure of Hazelwood station showed, we cannot rely on the market to deliver outcomes that work for people employed in the industry. More closures are inevitable. We need a plan to transition out of coal – one that will look after regional communities that have relied on brown coal for employment and economic activity. It is essential that the policy reflect this fact.

For people in regional Victoria this is the best chance we will get to knock off the remaining exploration licenses for coal and the coal allocation areas around the Latrobe Valley. If you live in an area under license or allocation it would be great if you express your opposition to new coal mining.

There is info and ideas for taking action available here -

There is a petition here if you’re short for time -

There is some background info on why this is important available here -