CPH Ballarat Stacked Logo Reversed on BlueWe would welcome your attendance at one of these two events.
Tuesday 11th February 2020:
5.00pm for 5.30pm - 6.30pm OR 7.00pm for 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Oscars Hotel and Café Bar, 18 Doveton Street Sth, Ballarat


The events include light refreshments and are free admission subject to registration.
RSVP and contact to Andrea Mason:   or phone 0427 338 482

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cph showcaseCommunities around Ballarat are taking energy matters into their own hands.

The Community Power Hub Ballarat (CPH) will be showcasing its projects at an event in Ballarat on February 11, 2020.   CPH has been working with community and local organisations to identify and test the feasibility of community renewable energy projects.  Some of the projects to be presented are:

  • emPowering East Grampians Health Services – Our flagship project which is to progressively install 500kW of solar panels across EGHS’ buildings, reducing power costs and allowing redirection of funds to health services for its local communities.
  • Public Carparking with Roof Mounted Solar Panels – developing a design that can provide weather protection, while generating green energy and integrating electric vehicle charging.
  • An energy co-operative in a farming community that has investigated how to share its solar electricity generation between farms and residential properties.
  • Regional Cemetery Green Power – managing the transition from fossil fuel powered systems to solar for grounds maintenance, irrigation and public facilities.

Rochelle Kirkham, reporter for The Courier, wrote an article regarding the Community Power Hub, which appeared in the newspaper on JANUARY 28th 2020. "Hospital to cut electricity costs with solar panels" - "It is estimated the solar installation will save the organisation $1.65 million, based on current electricity costs, over the 25-year lifetime of the system."

BREAZE was appointed by Sustainability Victoria in July 2017, to establish the Community Power Hub Ballarat (CPH Ballarat). This entity has been working to assist renewable energy projects in our region.

BREAZE has recently received additional funding from the Victorian Government to assist with the implementation of it’s “pipeline” Community Power Hub Ballarat Projects until 30 June 2020.

The Community Power Hub Ballarat Project team invites you to this public event where we will showcase and provide updates on CPH Ballarat’s exciting community projects, resource requirements and the knowledge gained through this program.

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What is Community Power Hub Ballarat?

The Victorian Government committed over a two-year period to pilot setting up three Community Power Hubs (CPH) that bring together locals to develop community-owned and operated renewable energy projects in regional areas of Ballarat, Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley.
The aim of the pilot CPH’s was to bring together and help the community in accessing the skills and expertise required to develop and deliver community-based renewable energy projects. This involved local volunteers, businesses, community organisations, not for profit groups and government agencies working to organise and support local community energy project ideas. The approach has been to assist testing project ideas and progressing those that are viable into bankable projects delivering local benefits, and connecting them to capital to deliver.

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CPH Ballarat Stacked Logo Reversed on BlueBREAZE has been delivering the Victorian Government’s Community Power Hub (CPH) Pilot Program for Ballarat since mid 2017. During this period the BREAZE volunteers have contributed over 1,250 hours investigating the feasibility of over 40 proposals for community owned, operated or funded renewable energy projects.

The CPH Ballarat Project Control Group has completed the following projects by provision of technical and financial evaluation:
• Ballan Community House Solar Electricity and Energy Efficiency Project (Funded by Hepburn Wind Farm and Powershop)
• McCallum Disability Services Packing Facility 40kW Solar PV (Funded by Renewable Communities Fund)
• Coghills Creek Community Hall 6kW Solar PV (Funded by Renewable Communities Fund)
• Skipton Hospital Straw Heating (Funded by Renewable Communities Fund)
• Invermay Recreation Centre Solar PV

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The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio visited McCallum Linen Service on Wednesday 11th July to see how a feasibility study for the investment in renewable energy could impact on the business and create community benefits.

McCallum Linen Services, run by the social enterprise McCallum Disability Services, has been the proponent for one of the Community Power Hub Ballarat’s completed feasibility studies for renewable energy projects that can be owned or operated by the community.

The project proposes to include a 99kW rooftop solar system and an automated 2,000 kW woodchip boiler system. These new energy sources would according to the feasibility study reduce the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions by 560 tonnes per year, provide 47 percent of the business’ electricity and save over $100,000 per year in gas bills. The biomass heating system would utilise 743 tonnes per year of wood wastes. 

Minister D’Ambrosio met the staff of the Linen Service and discussed the benefits that the $1million investment could make to the business, the local economy and the environment. She said “The Community Power Hub Ballarat is helping local communities find and realise renewable energy projects that are financially viable, technologically feasible and socially acceptable.” “In June 2016 the State Government committed to Victorian renewable energy generation targets of 25 per cent by 2020, and 40 per cent by 2025. Projects like this, as well as windfarms, large solar arrays and emerging technologies like pumped hydro, can play an important part in getting us there.”
Community Power Hub Ballarat has provided $6,500 and many volunteer hours to assist McCallum Disability Services to assess the feasibility of the wood waste powered boiler system and rooftop solar plant.
BREAZE President and CPH Ballarat Project Control Group spokesperson Ian Rossiter said:
“Ballarat needs to better utilise the hundreds of tonnes of wood waste collected from building sites, manufacturing plants, transfer stations and urban tree removal to produce renewable energy.
“The Beaufort Hospital and Meredith Dairy are great local examples of how wood waste is being used to provide hot water that was previously heated by fossil fuels.”
“The next step for the proposed project is for the Community Power Hub to finalise a business case that identifies and quantifies project risks, maintenance and replacement costs with a view to determining the return on investment and most appropriate means of financing the initiative.”

Further information can be found about the $900,000 Community Power Hubs pilot project being conducted in Ballarat, Bendigo and La Trobe Valley by visiting the Community Power Hubs Website.

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20180221 Peter Reid breazeHere is a video presentation, all about the projects that have been identified for feasibility studies as Community Power Hub projects in the Ballarat region, including the flagship project.

You will also gain a better idea of what the local community power hub is offering. We are also looking for more great community energy projects ideas/proposals to add the investigation pipeline.

This is a video of the Smart Living Ballarat event, held in the Ballarat Library on Wednesday the 21st of February 2018.  To see the upcoming Free library events, run by Smart Living Ballarat, please see the events on their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/smartlivingballarat/

Thanks to our volunteer, Stephanie Patterson, for creating this video for BREAZE.

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