Community Power Hub Project Showcase

cph showcaseCommunities around Ballarat are taking energy matters into their own hands.

The Community Power Hub Ballarat (CPH) showcased its projects at an event in Ballarat on February 11, 2020.   CPH worked with community and local organisations to identify and test the feasibility of community renewable energy projects.  Some of the projects presented were:

  • emPowering East Grampians Health Services – Our flagship project which is to progressively install 500kW of solar panels across EGHS’ buildings, reducing power costs and allowing redirection of funds to health services for its local communities.
  • Public Carparking with Roof Mounted Solar Panels – developing a design that can provide weather protection, while generating green energy and integrating electric vehicle charging.
  • An energy co-operative in a farming community that has investigated how to share its solar electricity generation between farms and residential properties.
  • Regional Cemetery Green Power – managing the transition from fossil fuel powered systems to solar for grounds maintenance, irrigation and public facilities.

Rochelle Kirkham, reporter for The Courier, wrote an article regarding the Community Power Hub, which appeared in the newspaper on JANUARY 28th 2020. "Hospital to cut electricity costs with solar panels" - "It is estimated the solar installation will save the organisation $1.65 million, based on current electricity costs, over the 25-year lifetime of the system."

BREAZE was appointed by Sustainability Victoria in July 2017, to establish the Community Power Hub Ballarat (CPH Ballarat). This entity worked to assist renewable energy projects in our region.

BREAZE received additional funding from the Victorian Government to assist with the implementation of its “pipeline” Community Power Hub Ballarat Projects until 30 June 2020.

The Community Power Hub Ballarat Project team held this public event to showcase and provide updates on CPH Ballarat’s exciting community projects, resource requirements and the knowledge gained through this program.