FAQ One Dollar for One Watt

Below are the answers to a some FAQs (if you have a new question, email it to  and we will give you an answer and add it to this site).

Q.  How much money do we have to raise?
A.  Any amount; it is all helpful and appreciated.

Q.  Can we have a particular house that we can focus on?
A.  Yes. Email BREAZE at and tell us how much money you plan to raise and give us the name of a contact person we can liaise with. We will tell you what houses are available.

For privacy reasons, we will only be able to give you a general description of the house such as the town or suburb it is in; how many bedrooms it has; how many people live in it; and general information about the circumstance of the tenants such as any disabilities or special needs. In most cases, we will be able to supply a photo.

If you want, we can create a special Give Now campaign for you with your organisation or group's name.

Q.   How do we get the money to BREAZE?
A.   You can get the money to BREAZE in one of the three ways.

Q.   We can't issue tax deductible receipts for the donations we receive. What should we do?
A.   Not all donors want a tax deductible receipt but if they do, BREAZE can do this for you. Ask your donors to make their donation directly to BREAZE or via the Give Now site.

Q.   How will we know how much we have raised if our donors use BREAZE's sites?
A.   If you don't want to handle donations yourself or some of your supporters want a tax receipt, then email BREAZE at and ask us for a campaign name for your group. After we have worked out a short campaign name with you, then ask you donors to use that name with their own name, when they make a donation. At agreed intervals, we can let you know how much money has been received as a result of your efforts.

Q.   Has BREAZE got any resources we can use for fundraising purposes?
A.   Yes we have. Click here to see what you can use.

Q.   We've never done any fundraising before. Are there any rules we should be aware of?
A.   Yes there definitely are! BREAZE assumes that you are following all fundraising rules. If you are not sure about how to fundraise, then you can check out most of the rules here.