Walk Against Warming will call for strong federal action on climate change

April 12 2019Courier masthead mainRochelle Kirkham

Members of the Ballarat community will make their voice heard loud and clear on Sunday at the Ballarat Walk Against Warming. It will be a united call for political leaders to take action on the climate change emergency in the lead up to the federal election. 

Climate emergency Picture Kate HealyUNITED CALL: Members of the Ballarat Climate Action Network are encouraging Ballarat residents to join their walk in a show of solidarity to political leaders that this May needs to be the climate election. Picture: Kate Healy

BREAZE spokesperson Ian Rossiter said greenhouse gas emission reductions in energy, transport and food needed to be bipartisan policy priorities to make this the climate election. 

"I think the electorate sees enough light that this is no longer a partisan issue, it is about preserving the lifestyle we are accustomed to for our children and our grandchildren," he said. 

The rally, run by BREAZE and the Ballarat Climate Action Network, will feature a walk around the Moneghetti Track, presenters including elected representatives of all levels of government and community leaders, and local musicians. 

I think the electorate sees enough light that this is no longer a partisan issue, it is about preserving the lifestyle we are accustomed to for our children and our grandchildren.

Ian Rossiter, BREAZE


Speakers will also talk about what decisions can be made on an individual level that have a big impact on greenhouse gas emissions. 

Ballarat's first Walk Against Warming was held at Lake Wendouree in 2006, which led to the formation of BREAZE. 

It was a time when the lake was dry after 10 years of below average rainfall and international concern was raised about climate change causes and impacts.

This Sunday's walk will the continue momentum that has been garnered from recent strikes; the Schools Strike for Climate, Stop Adani and Lock the Gate public rallies.

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Mr Rossiter said the public rallies have mobilised advocacy directed at political leaders to take urgent action on climate change. 

"We are now 12 years on from our first walk and a few weeks out from an important election. We would like to think the public awareness around climate change issue will mean people come out and make a stand to federal candidates that this is a really important issue for the election," he said. 

2018 student strike pic Luka Kauzlaric.jogStudents march in the 2018 Ballarat student Strike 4 Climate Action protest in November last year. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric

"I think in the past if people responded on social media or signed petitions they thought it would have a great effect. It appears not to be having a great effect.

"This is an opportunity inter-generationally for the whole community to come together and stand as one and say 'enough is enough, we need to get on with it'.

"We are starting to see extreme weather events, drought and the depletion of our resources impact on our ability to live in the way we traditionally have."

Mr Rossiter said he was hoping to see 1000 people join the walk on Sunday.

The public rally will take place from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday at the Lake Wendouree Foreshore Reserve MacDonald Bandstand, across from the Ballarat Botanical Gardens floral clock.