20 April - Susan Moodie - Connected Sanctuaries: Lake Burrumbeet

2023 BGD Susan MoodieApril Ballarat Green Drinks featured local Burrumbeet farmer and conservationist, Susan Moodie, a dedicated environmentalist who has planted thousands of trees in wildlife corridors around her property over the last several decades.

Susan, who grew up on the farm she now works has evolved and refined her farming practices as her knowledge and awareness of what is happening to the wider environment has grown.

In her own words:

"The initiation of Connected Sanctuaries in 2023 comes with the knowledge that human life requires a transformation not just of policy, but the ideas- beliefs and assumptions that are destroying the environmental fabric upon which all life depends.  Those involved have diverse backgrounds and skill sets, but collectively are committed to restoring the fabric of environmental life and in doing so, our own lives. Thank you for the opportunity to share our vision with the wider community."

Having grown up at Burrumbeet on a farm, much of her attitude to life has been shaped by the rural landscape, in particular its restoration and enhancement, Her early experience also prompted the particular disciplines she pursued: agriculture, Landcare through forestry, organic market gardening, permaculture, multidisciplinary research and policy development and teaching through the use of truly egalitarian processes (USA, Malawi, Afghanistan). The deeper knowledge gained  led to learning and work in yoga, particularly acknowledging conflict, and its transformation has been a feature of her life through the past 3 decades.

Join us for drinks/dinner on 20 April 6:30-8pm at Bunch of Grapes Hotel, 401 Pleasant St South.

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