ARENA Urgently Needs Your Help

Renewable Energy  

As you are probably aware the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions, Angus Taylor, recently announced the Morrison Government’s first Low Emissions Technology Statement, described as – ‘the first milestone in Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap.’

While this Technology Roadmap is very disappointing on many fronts—with no emissions reductions target (ERT), no emissions trading scheme (ETS), no dates set for the retirement of coal-fired power plants and no incentives for electric vehicles — there are two stand-out problems that have stirred a call to action by environmental groups across the country.

1. The Roadmap refers to ‘clean’ hydrogen as a future renewable energy source.  But ‘clean’ here refers not to hydrogen produced from renewable sources — wind and solar — but to hydrogen produced by gas where the CO2 emissions have been buried via Carbon Capture and Storage. And this has become the justification for changing the funding rules of ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency)  and the CEFC  (Clean Energy Finance Corporation) so that public funds can be invested in CCS – a technology intended to extend the life of the fossil fuel industry.

CCS is a technology that has a long history of not delivering what it claims. A recent case in point being Chevron’s Gorgon LNG plant in the Pilbara, WA.  Established in 2016 on the promise that 80% of the GHG emissions would be captured through CCS, Chevron is now facing a potential fine of $100 million, likely to be levied by the WA government in mid 2021 for release of approximately 4 million tons of CO2. 

2. In another semantic sleight-of-hand, wind and solar are lumped with coal and gas as ‘mature technologies’ and thereby excluded from the six priority technologies that will be funded by ARENA and the CEFC. These were the technologies both agencies were set up to fund and which still need that investment. 

With only one decade left to keep global warming to within 1.5ºC it is imperative that we do everything we can to drive investment in renewable energy. Please join the campaign to direct  public pressure, particularly on the Senate,to stop these changes to ARENA and the CEFC. This will not become law if the Senate refuses to approve it. 

People power can make a very big difference here.

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