Bottom Up Economics - Smart Living Ballarat Talk 15 July

Bottom-Up Economics: Do We Need a RevoluScreenshot 2020 07 10 16.24.23tion in our Homes and Communities?

From compost toilets to food forests, join Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman @artistasfamily in a discussion about transitioning our economic lifeways for lower carbon living.
Can we revolutionise our economic reality from our homes outwards, or do we persist with a top-down economic frame that is the root of so many problems? What does a home economy look like today? What will we have to leave behind? What gifts will come into play? What will our transitions from one economic frame to another look like?

About the Presenters
Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman lives in Daylesford, Australia on a quarter-acre permaculture plot, home to the School of Applied Neopeasantry at Tree Elbow University on Djaara peoples' country.
He and his family, base their creative practice on a concept of permapoesis, which simply means permanent making or regenerative living – an antidote to disposable culture. They practice an art that participates in what it represents; an art of social warming in an era of global warming. Food ethics and politics are central to their practice. Generating food that brings human and ecological health and global justice is our creative call to arms, within the sphere of the local.

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