BREAZE Advocacy Group Report

Sustainable Home

BREAZE Advocacy Group's second meeting in August has resulted in some initial actions being taken. Several participants have responded to the CoB- Community Infrastructure Planning Policy via the CoB My Say page. Jeff Dobell has selected three homes that have been listed for Sustainable House Day which will be run virtually this year. Please see the houses that he has recommended. Find out more in Rochelle Kirkham's article in The Courier (5/9/20) Sustainable House Day highlights house design principles for cost and emissions savings.


BREAZE Advocacy Group held its inaugural meeting via Zoom in July with about twelve participants who voiced concerns mainly about the lack of attention to Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) apparent in new buildings especially on large developments. Suzanne Nunn explained the experience of the group that she was part of when involved in maintaining Royal Park, Buninyong and encouraging the CoB to assist the group to develop the sportsground considering ESD.

Factors contributing to this dearth of good planning were raised and we concluded that it is a complex issue as regulations governing construction of residential buildings mainly lie with state and national regulatory bodies. Finding a way to advocate for improvements in design and quality of buildings is not straightforward. Possible directions that the group could follow up were discussed and included: direct questions and submissions to the CoB Council, education and enhancing community awareness and writing to local newspapers.