BREAZE Incorporated: Statement From the Chair to Members

8th February 2014

The BREAZE Incorporated Board met for a full day workshop on Saturday 1st February 2014. In attendance were the recently appointed Board members; Caroline Reisacher, Ian Rossiter, Jane Lean, Micah Demmert and Ross Rizzo along with Rachel Kinscher, Rene de Jong, Steve Burns and Stephen Roberts.

The first half of the workshop focussed on the current status of all BREAZE activities, including input from volunteers, the Smart Living Centre, finances of both BREAZE Incorporated and BREAZE Enterprises and compliance requirements. All Board Members must be fully briefed for good decisions to be made.

The second half centred around income generation and forming 4 functional groups which will allow BREAZE to become outwardly active again.

The function groups agreed upon are:

Governance:                        Lead – Stephen Roberts

Income Generation:              Lead – Micah Demmert

Program Development:         Lead – Ian Rossiter

Community and Volunteer Engagement:         Lead – Caroline Reisacher

These groups are forming now. You’ll be hearing from us soon as we will be asking for volunteers on actions coming from the group leaders.

The Board also said farewell to Steve Burns who hosted us and participated in the day. Steve has resigned from the Board after many years of engagement with BREAZE. We wish him well.


Stephen Roberts

BREAZE Inc Chair