Getting off Gas - Ian Rossiter at BGD

Getting off Gas   Ian Rossiter

Green Drinks on 18 August at Lake View Hotel - Ian Rossiter, former BREAZE President, gave a very informative account of what householders can expect when they decide it's time to get off gas.

Ian's talk drew lots of questions for the audience - about the various possibilities re appliances such as space heaters,  induction cooktops, and heat-pumps, along with system size,  the controversial gas-disconnection fee and other cost-related matters.

Clearly this is a shift many of us are wanting want to make – being another win win that not only cuts GHG emissions but also reduces energy bills.

It's a challenge Ian and Chrissie recently embraced at their Buninyong home. You can download Ian's very detailed pdfslides as a pdf here.

The issues Ian covered includedGetting off Gas   IanChrissies Buninyong home
1.What does it cost to disconnect gas supply / remove meter?
2. Is the current mains supply to house sufficient for extra load?
3. What modifications are required to house switchboard?
4. What will happen to redundant appliances and PV system?
5. What physical alterations are required and who can do the work?
6. What subsidies are available?

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