Grampians Community Power Hub Highlights

During the 12 G CPH Imagemonth contract that BREAZE Inc had with Sustainability Victoria (FY 2021-2022) – to set up the Grampians Community Power Hub (G-CPH) and identify renewable energy projects in the communities across the 11 local government areas (LGAs) of the region – BREAZE volunteers and our Hepburn branch partner, Hepburn Energy (formerly Hepburn Wind), identified over 40 potential projects . The G-CPH Project Manager, Sowmya Nagaraj, along with the other members of the Project Control Group worked hard to put communities in touch with the expertise they needed to ascertain the scale and scope of the projects identified and to advance them. One of the takeaways from the G-CPH is that community energy projects take a lot of time and require a lot of commitment, from those community members who drive them. Nevertheless we were most impressed with the number of local community energy champions who took on this challenge to drive their community towards greener, cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy. The overall goal of the G-CPH was to identify projects and help with feasibility studies in order to advance these communities' prospects of securing implementation funding. The G-CPH Communications/Administrative Officer, Sam Rodgers put together this beautiful highlights package of a number of the projects we identified. pdfG-CPH Project Highlights.pdf