Green Drinks - Threat or Emergency?

Mar green drinksClimate Change: Threat or Emergency? -  with Liz Boulton

At the Lake View Hotel Wednesday 11th March

How can we mobilise people and politicians to care more about the climate emergency so they act upon it? Liz Boulton explores whether recasting the Climate Emergency as a military style threat (a hyperthreat) may have more traction than rehashing the same old technocratic and dry arguments of the past.

Liz Boulton has worked in the climate science and policy sector in Australia and in emergency logistics in food security and health with NGOs in Africa and as an Australian Army Officer more widely. She has been invited to talk on future directions for the Australian Defence White Paper in June. She is finalising her PhD at the ANU.


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Green Drinks is held at The Lake View Hotel, 22 Wendouree Parade on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Speakers from 7:30 pm and meals and drinks from about 6:30 pm.

About Green Drinks 

Green Drinks Ballarat is non-political.  It is not associated with "The Greens" political party.

Green Drinks are an internationally recognised event held in over 550 cities worldwide; from Brazil to Bulgaria, Thailand to Trinidad and Tobago, and Uganda to the UK.

In Australia there are  at least 13 separate Green Drinks events held all over the country. You have found Green Drinks Ballarat !

They are an event to bring like-minded people from environment groups, business, government, academia and even as individuals together.

Green Drinkers mingle and share insights and provoke and exasperate and inspire and delight each other.

There are moments of serendipity and a lot of “oh, you if are interested in X then I must introduce you to that person over there who knows all about it”.