Heat Pump Bulk Buy: Time to Switch?

2023 Heat Pump BuyBREAZE Inc. is a community partner in the upcoming Heat Pump Bulk Buy being organised by Hepburn Energy (HE) - formerly Hepburn Wind. The delivery partner is t2zero In 2021 HE ran a pilot Heat Pump Bulk Buy which sold out, so they are  extending their geographical boundaries to include  Ballarat. To find out more: Heat Pump Bulk Buy or  visit the Hepburn Energy Community page here.

- Products included in this bulk-buy
- Subsidies and rebates available 
- The bulk-buy offer & more

The bulk-buy will run for a limited time, closing for orders in late-April, with all installations completed by 30  June.  This is the second time we are running this heat pump bulk buy and for every 30 systems installed, there will be one system installed free of charge for a local community facility! 

So what are heat pumps?
Heat pumps are one of the most efficient technologies we have to heat water and reduce electricity use. With heat pump technology coming in leaps and bounds, there is now a vast array of systems that are much more efficient than their electric or gas counterparts. Not only that, good quality heat pumps often outperform solar hot water. You can learn more via the Renew website here.
What is the benefit for our climate?
The Hepburn Z-NET Community Transition Plan (CTP) highlighted heat pumps as a great opportunity to reduce household electricity use. In 2019, 50% of residents had electric hot water systems, with another 30% using wood or gas. Heat pumps use between 70-80% less electricity than these conventional systems and analysis in the CTP suggested that we could reduce electricity use across the shire by 18% if more residents made the switch.
Why do we need a bulk-buy?
While heat pumps are great for the environment, it can be overwhelming to find and select an appropriate system. This bulk-buy offers a streamlined process that makes it easier to learn about, get a quote, access subsidies and have your system installed by a local qualified person. Learn more here
How do I get involved?
If you’re ready for a quote complete the form here and make sure you include the address and photos of your current system. 

The two information webinars are on Thursday 16 March and Monday 3 April from 6:15-7:15 pm