Imagine Ballarat 100% Renewable

mount mercer wind farmThe Victorian Government's Renewable Energy Target of 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025 will be facilitated by a program of reverse auction bids to supply renewable energy by investors.

Under this program the bidders will be required to not only identify the cost of supplying renewable energy, but identify supporting economic prosperity projects to the value of 10% of their investment to meet the selection criteria.

This could translate to $600 million of investment in our region in projects that we can identify to prospective bidders.

Ideas already under investigation include wide scale installations of PV and SHW in social housing, zero emissions public transport vehicles, extensive bio-link establishment on public and private land to connect the Enfield Forest with the Wombat State Forest and a training facility for all aspects of renewable energy.

BREAZE in partnership with the Regional Sustainability Alliance and Committee for Ballarat will be delivering a workshop in early July to further develop support and project scopes for this exciting opportunity.

For further information contact Ian Rossiter 0467 220 442 or email .