Getting to know - Peter

Getting to know our volunteers –

BREAZE volunteer, and board member, Peter Reid Most of you know Peter is our treasurer and is also one of the driving forces behind Social Solar. Peter has volunteered on the BREAZE board for three years, he has a wealth of experience in committee management and his fantastic organisational skills provide a great support for our organisation.

Q&A by Tarn Kruger with Peter Reid

Q Firstly, where did you grow up?

Peter: I grew up Horsham and Wangaratta and when I was 15 I moved to Melbourne to take up a telecommunications apprenticeship with the PMG (for those younger folk, Post Master General became Telecom and now Telstra). I stayed working in Melbourne and completed further study at Caulfield Technical Institute and then RMIT in communications engineering. I first came to Ballarat to take up a teaching role at St Patrick’s, but one year of teaching was plenty, so we returned to Melbourne. Then in 1985 we came back again when I took up a position lecturing at Ballarat Uni and we have stayed here since.

Q: What is the one best thing for you about living in the Ballarat region?

Peter: The best thing about Ballarat is it is a town that is small enough to get around and know people and big enough to have everything and to have your own space and hide away if you need to!

Q: What have been your hobbies or interests over the years and what are the main ones now?

Peter: Going on committees as crazy as that sounds! I have been volunteering on committees for decades. I was first on a committee in the late 1960s, when at Caulfield Tech, I helped out in the Student Union as a returning officer. I have been on numerous committees since, sporting ones, church ones, Trade Union ones, Standards committees and now on BREAZE with an environmental focus.

Q: Do you have a favourite cuisine or do you have a specialty dish you like to cook?

Peter: Food! I love food and I like to try new things, so I will check out a menu and always pick something I have not had before. I like local dishes and tasty foods and I do like to try local beers as well. My signature dish would be to make a curry with whatever I can find in the cupboard – so a mixed bag. My favourite takeaway is bbq sausages.

Q: What do you think is the best place or spot in Australia and why is it this one?

Peter: Sydney harbour restaurant is ideal, you can have a fabulous meal - food, alcohol and a great view – what more could you want?

Q: If you could choose any person in the world, who would you most like to meet?

Peter: Trump, I would be interested to see what he is really like, what is behind the facade, behind the media circus, what makes him tick.

Q: What environmental issue do you feel most passionate about?

Peter: I really dislike seeing the waste of energy, which in turn is destructive for our natural environment.

Q: What is most rewarding thing about volunteering for you?

Peter: I like making a difference and you can do this on committees. I enjoy volunteering with other people and contributing to the general community. Most volunteers have the interest of the community at heart and that is what I like.

Q: Finally, if you could have ultimate say about the future of world, what one action would you make happen?

Peter: I would like to see all the poor people of the world be lifted out of poverty, to redistribute the world’s wealth so everyone had a fair share.

Thanks Peter for providing a little bit of insight into your life, interests and experience