Paul Haar

Built environments generate nearly 40% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions and they profoundly degrade our precious natural land and water systems. Rethinking the way we design and build our homes and our cities has never been more urgent and important.

The Mullum Creek estate in Donvale Victoria has trialled initiatives in ecologically sensitive design, some of which go well beyond and address weaknesses in what has elsewhere been regarded as best practice sustainable development.

Mullum Creek development was able to achieve:

  • A genuine NatHERS minimum 7.5 star energy rating for all homes.
  • Continuous ground slab insulation, crucial for highly glazed homes chasing 7.5 stars in a cool climate.
  • Preservation of good mid-winter inter-lot solar access for all homes via 3D building and vegetation envelopes.
  • Eco-friendly binders for all wet mix concrete, spraycrete and mortar.
  • Timber products sourced in accordance with strict environmental selection criteria. 
  • Reduction of construction waste to landfill by 80% from business-as-usual via minimisation and recycling practices.
  • Min. 20kL rainwater storage and min. 4kW rooftop solar on all home sites.
  • Intergrated private and public realm landscaping sensitive to the estate’s natural bush surrounds.

Paul Haar

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