Please sign to extend Community Power Hubs

Champion Community Energy 1We need 1000 signatures! Please read and sign our letter urging the Victorian government to extend funding for the Community PowerHubs, which like the Grampians Community Power Hub – being lead by BREAZE Inc in partnership with Hepburn Energy (formerly Hepburn Wind) – have been working with regional communities on local clean energy projects.

With big energy companies continuing to fuel the climate crisis, local communities have been playing a critical role in leading the transition to renewable energy which we obviously so urgently need.

With baseline funding for Community Power Hubs abandoned in Victoria’s recent state budget, that leadership is at risk.

Victoria’s Andrews Labor Government has been a leader when it comes to community participation in our energy system. A key centrepiece of this agenda is the Community Power Hubs program that empowers local people  to grow renewable energy, promote energy independence and build resilince in communities through their own local organisations. From Bendigo to Ballarat, the Latrobe Valley and Mornington Peninsula, this program is helping communities skill up, create their own solutions and be a part of the transition to renewable energy.

But the 2022 state budget has left these communities out to dry. 

With no future baseline funding for Community Power Hubs, these projects are in free fall, leaving our state's energy transition up to big energy companies, rather than community leadership. Your voice can help to make a difference. Please read  and sign our letter online here.