President's April Report


A tougher safeguard mechanism - CANA

Over the last two months BREAZE Inc has taken part in two national campaigns, adding our local voice to those of other communities across Australia to lend weight to the work of national agencies with paid staff, able to reach mainstream media. Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) began its campaign for a tougher Safeguard Mechanism with the 'Dirty Dozen' letter writing campaign asking our 12 biggest fossil fuel companies (responsible for 40% of emissions covered by the Safeguard Mechanism) to pull their weight on climate and accept a strengthened Climate Safeguard Mechanism. Following their non-response the campaign switched to lobbying MPs. 

For all Australians, but especially those who participated in CANA's campaign to secure a tougher Safeguard Mechanism, it was great to see the cap put on emissions from new fossil fuel plants. Even though the goal of banning new fossil fuel power projects – endorsed by the Climate Council, by climate scientists around the world and by the International Energy Agency  –  was not to succeed there is hope that the cap will prove a big enough financial disincentive to effectively end any such new developments. Find out more about it in this article by Paul Karp in The Guardian 27 March 2023

The Labor-Greens deal on the safeguard mechanism won’t put a stop to new coal and gas projects, but it will put a hard enough brake that we’ll hear the screech if any get the government’s go-ahead. For weeks the climate and energy minister, Chris Bowen, has been locked in negotiations determined to pass the signature climate bill without taking up the minor party’s “offer not ultimatum” of no new coal and gas.                        (Paul Karp, The Guardian)                                                                                                          

Fuel Efficiency Standards - Solar Citizens

 The other national campaign BREAZE Inc collaborated in was Solar Citizens push for fuel efficiency Standards This campaign was embodied in the Electric Ute Roadshow which was launched in Ballarat at Federation TAFE's SMB campus on 23 February by Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, Minister for Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. The Roadshow hosts, Ballarat local, Ben Lever and Ajaya Haikerwal also spoke at Ballarat Green Drinks, the Thursday before the launch. Their message is that fuel efficiency standards, which exist across Europe and in many other countries, help to drive a bigger supply of EVs and lower overall transport emissions. Read how it works here


 The BZE Alliance

In collaboration with several other sustainability and climate action groups, BREAZE Inc is now part of the Ballarat Zero Emissions Alliance (BZE Alliance) which aims to help to drive some of the Actions in the City of Ballarat's Net Zero Emissions Ballarat 2030 Plan, which was passed in October 2022. You can read the Plan here

The Actions are included at the end of the Plan. The Ballarat Zero Emissions Alliance is currently focusing on Action 2.1 a) Promote support including financial resources for energy upgrades of homes, with a focus on vulnerable community groups and households

The BZE Alliance is seeking to work with Council and other sectors of the community in driving down emissions and implementing the Actions in the Plan. We are hoping to see more funding allocated to climate action and the Plan in the upcoming draft Council budget in early May.


Heat Pump Bulk Buy

If you are interested in the Hot Water Heat Pump Bulk Buy via T2Zero register your interest now. The program ends in April. Complete the “Ready for a quote” online form: 

The webinars have both finished but you can watch the recordings">online   Heat Pump technology is very energy efficient drawing in ambient heat from the atmosphere. If you have solar it will be much more cost efficient than your gas or old electric system. Read more via the link above.

EV Bulk Buy 

And the EV Bulk Buy - another partnership with Hepburn Energy via the Good Car Co. This Bulk Buy launches at Malmsbury on 15 April, with a follow-up event at Hepburn Springs on 30 April with the main event in Ballarat, organised by BREAZE Inc. on May 6 - Show & Shine at the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre, 11 Tuppen Drive, Sebastopol. If you would like to test drive an EV make sure your register your interest via this link.


The BREAZE Inc sub-committee behind the Building Better Homes for the Future industry forum in October 2022 has two more forums planned for 2023, which will be open to the public. You can book now for the first of these, Achieving 7 Stars and Net Zero Homes presented by Jeremy Spencer at the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute on April 3, 1-3pm. Register for the event here via Eventbrite


April 20: Ballarat Green Drinks - 6:30-8:00pm, Bunch of Grapes Hotel, 401 Pleasant St, South, Ballarat - Join us for drinks/dinner and great talks and conversation.  This month we have local farmer & conservationist , Susan Moodie talking about Connected Sanctuaries Lake Burrumbeet: Learn about Susan's journey as an impassioned environmentalist, and her remarkable achievements in habitat and soil restoration. Free book via Trybooking:

April 26: Smart Living Ballarat - 12:30-1:30 pm Check out the  Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page for the talk for this month, which will be finalised soon.  The recording of the talk will then be posted and available to watch, rewatch and share.

The BREAZE Inc. Board

The BREAZE Inc. Board meets every third Monday of the month from 5:30-7pm. In 2023 the Board has agreed to alternate meetings via Zoom and face-to-face. Our next meeting on 17 April is online. If you are a paid up member and would like to attend, please email me at  at least one day beforehand

All the best,


 Dr Mary Debrett
President, December 2022