Quickening Pace of Electric Vehicle Uptake in Victoria

    Silver Nissan Leaf There are many misconceptions about electric vehicles and their role in delivering a clean energy future. BREAZE is a strong supporter of this shift and supports any initiatives to hasten the take up of the technology.

     The following points were referenced in preparation for the January feature on 3BA. Every fourth Friday in 2021, a BREAZE Board member will join Brett at 10:15 am to discuss matters related to the environment, the climate and sustainable living.


      BREAZE thanks Brett McDonald and 3BA for the opportunity to talk about the environment on the local morning talk show Ballarat Today.

  • Electric vehicles are simpler to build and maintain – less parts means less energy inputs in manufacture
  • Electric vehicles are capable of 85 percent efficient use of energy potential – internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles are typically capable of only around 25% use of the energy potential in a litre of fuel
  • Mining, manufacture and running energy inputs are about half those of an ICE vehicle
  • These vehicles are so good to drive and so clean that once the infrastructure brings the cost of batteries down ICE vehicles could plummet in value
  • Car of the year 2020 is the Mercedes ECQ full electric
  • Most affordable EV this year is now the MG SUV for $42,000
  • Good second hand vehicles can now be purchased for around $17,500 and make terrific town cars
  • Charging infrastructure is improving but is really only important for short-range vehicles and extended trips – mostly you charge at home
  • There is no foundation to the idea that lithium mining is more polluting than oil drilling – that is just anti-EV propaganda. Some initiatives are working on zero carbon lithium mining in Central Europe (Vulcan Energy)
  • New tax of 2.5c a kilometer to be introduced in Victoria is unfortunate but appears to have community support and the RACV has backed it. It is not a major disincentive though as charging is so cheap and in fact there are many free charging stations – Ballarat has several
  • EV drivers find charging stations by looking at a site called Plugshare or using apps produced by the suppliers of the charging stations.


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