Social Solar Assistance Required

1for1watt transCan you fill out a grant application for us?

BREAZE is looking for a volunteer (or two) to fill in a grant application. In particular, we want to apply to VicWest Telco for funds to advance our Social Housing project. Applications are now open and close on 31 October.

Members may not be aware but, over the last couple of years, BREAZE has applied for at least 20 grants of varying values and has been sufficiently successful that the grant writing team of Peter Reid and Jane Lean are now busy administering the project dollars. As a consequence of this success, more grant writers are needed. What Peter and Jane have found is that writing applications is a lot easier if a team does the work, although this is not essential. So if you are interested in helping out, BREAZE has a lot of material you can use to prepare the application, you just need to let us know by emailing .