Solar on Schools

27840749556 75e10be200 wOn 22 June the Victorian State government announced its Greener Government School Buildings program was inviting applications for rooftop solar from government schools across Victoria.

This is a great development for schools and for the environment, producing considerable cost savings on power bills—particularly since schools use most of their power when the sun is shining—and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning away from coal-fired electricity.

The reduced power bills will also hopefully make it more affordable for schools to install reverse-cycle air-conditioning—to make classrooms cooler in the heat of summer and warmer in the depths of winter.

Another potential bonus further down the track is the possibility of adding battery back-up storage that could become a community asset during summer holidays when bushfires may temporarily interrupt regional power supply.

And it will also be a great educational opportunity for schools keen to teach their students about climate change and benefits of renewable energy.

In the meantime it’s to be hoped that schools across the region have the staffing to follow up on this great opportunity. If you’re enthused by the idea of your local government school getting solar it might be worth offering a hand to help.

The media release calling for applications for solar for schools can be accessed here:

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