Support BREAZE Social Solar - Donate to $1 for One Watt

We Need Your Help
A $1 donation to our Social Solar program funds 1 watt of renewable energy and more renewable energy means fewer emissions! How good is that? But One Dollar for One Watt equals even more.

Each time a combined total of $1,500 is donated BREAZE, we will install 1.5kW of solar panels on the roof of a social housing property. Depending on the size of the house, 3kW of solar panels may be needed, so BREAZE will do this when a combined total of $3,000 has been donated. (For those of you who watch the price of solar panels, you will know that 1 watt of solar costs a bit more than $1, but the shortfall will be made up with other money.)

Here are some options to consider when you think about how much to donate:

givenow logo $10 
 $20
 $50
 $10

And don't forget, even $1 is fine because it is enough to install 1 watt of solar power!

BREAZE's One Dollar for One Watt project involves BREAZE partnering with Uniting Care Housing and other social housing providers to select suitable properties for solar panels or solar panels and batteries. It also involves partnering with other fund raising groups and organisations to raise the necessary money. If you are interested in fund raising for this great project, then click here.

Just so we can all understand how important affordable electricity is to people, here is a comment from the CEO of Uniting Housing Victoria.

'Being able to afford housing is becoming an increasing challenge for many in our community. Even though rents for social housing properties are held to 25% of income, increasing power bills are often proving too much of a challenge, forcing people to turn off lights and fans and heaters, or in some cases, have their power turned off.

In conjunction with BREAZE and your help, we aim to do something about this. Starting in the Central Highlands, and doing one property at a time as we can find the funds, we intend to install a minimum of 1.5 kW of solar on all our properties. This will make a real difference because it will result in ongoing lower power bills for our clients who are presently finding it hard - with renewable energy eventually all Uniting Housing Victoria affordable housing clients will find it just that bit easier to get by.'
If you would like to donate to One Dollar for One Watt, then do so by choosing one of the options

We also ask any former members who might have let their membership lapse top please re-join. Your membership fees play a very important role in keeping BREAZE Inc operations going – paying for the public liability insurance that we need for our volunteers and affiliated groups and for our annual auditing which enables us to continue as a charitable organisation.