Tom Quinn - 'The Clean Energy Transition, the IRA and How Australia Should Respond'

Tom Quinn FB post
At October Ballarat Green Drinks, local renewable energy consultant Tom Quinn, former Head of Policy and Research at climate think tank, Beyond Zero Emissions, gave the audience his insider's view on a multi-partner lobbying group endeavouring to boost the nation's chances of reaching clean energy super power status. Tom is currently leading combined work to secure a $100 billion Australian response to the US Inflation Reduction Act. Read about it in this article in The Guardian.  
This remarkable joint effort by the unions, and the environmental and business sectors, to establish a significant program to decarbonise industry, establish a massive green commodity export industry and in the process aim to cut global emissions by 6-9% (more than Australia's 1% direct contribution), began in July. Tom's talk was a whirlwind tour through the hopes and possibilities of his work in navigating the corridors of power, nudging politicians to move, on what looks like Australia's only chance for prosperity in the tumultuous period ahead, as the rest of the world transitions to clean energy and green steel and our export markets dwindle.

You can download Tom's presentation here.

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