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WritingCompettionThe BREAZE World Environment Day Children’s Writing Competition.

This year BREAZE ran a children’s writing competition to celebrate World Environment Day.

Information sheets and entry forms were sent to primary schools across greater Ballarat inviting children in grades 5 & 6 to write 50-100 words on ‘What I can do to help the environment.’

Hoping that teachers would see the competition as an engaging way to discuss the environment with their students, BREAZE Board offered a prize for the best entry from every school. Teachers were referred to the World Environment Day website for class resources.

The judging panel of five BREAZE members received 84 entries. Overall, the entries reflected concern about various kinds of environmental pollution and also widespread understanding that these are largely produced by us.

The World Environment Day theme for 2018 was Beat Plastic Pollution. Many of the children wrote of the perils of single-use plastic and how it is impacting on sea life in particular. Some detailed the cold hard facts – the statistics of how many plastic-lined beverage cups, straws and plastic bags we use and throw away each year – using the sheer volume of this waste to make a compelling case for recycling in all its forms: from roadside collections, to sharing, to re-purposing

Others looked to human innovation and technology, obviously closer to the heart of BREAZE, noting that shifting to renewable energy and using electric cars would reduce our greenhouse gas emissions –making the connection between the latter and global warming and climate change.

But apart from writing about possible remedies to pollutants of various kinds, we also got some wonderful creative writing – some great flights of fantasy and imaginative writing which the judges also wanted to acknowledge. In addition to the seven school winners four children were awarded Certificates of Special Mention for originality and ideas.

On World Environment Day, 5 June, a group of 40-50 proud parents, grandparents and siblings attended the prize giving at the Ballarat Central Library where BREAZE President, Ian Rossiter, gave a short opening address. The Mayor of Ballarat, Councillor Samantha McIntosh, who also spoke about the importance of protecting the environment, presented the awards and announced the overall competition winner, Scott Valpied of Dana Street Primary, who topped off his win with an impressive impromptu thank you speech.

The full text of the winning entries can be viewed on the BREAZE website below (or Read more)

Mary Debrett
Coordinator, BREAZE World Environment Day Children’s Writing Competition.

 School Winners: Best entries from participating schools.

Certificate of Special Mention - for originality and ideas: