Which is better - gas or induction?

400505954 24343544031925583 3170864469430253288 nWhich is better - gas or induction?Come along to SLB November to find out!
Wednesday November 22nd 12:30-1:30pm
Barkly Square kitchen, next to Tegan Crosbie's Workshoppery 25-39 Barkly St, Ballarat East

For years we've heard (from the gas industry!) that gas stovetops are the best option - quicker, cheaper, more precise.But are they?

Come along to this demo and see for yourself!Hear about the dangers of cooking with gas and how and why you should consider switching to an induction cooktop.This session will be focused on cheap and accessible plug-in induction cooktops.Renter and budget friendly!This is a free session, all welcome but due to capacity limits of the kitchen you must register for a free ticket here.

This session will complement Green Drinks this month, where Sue Broadway and Ian Rossiter will be speaking about built-in induction cooktops and the science behind how induction works.

Smart Living Ballarat is a free monthly workshop, hosted by Ellen Burns and sponsored by the City of Ballarat and BREAZE.Join us on the 4th Wednesday of every month to learn how to save money and live more sustainably.

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Ellen Burns