• Image by John Hain Pixabay CommunityLETSis shorthand for Local Exchange Trading System, or sometimes Local Energy Trading System. 
  • It is a way to trade within your community, without the need for money.
  • The "Energy" is the community of activities, skills and knowledge share!
  • Call for Volunteers to investigate and run Ballarat LETS
  • This is a whole of community activity between, at least, the members of BREAZE, Ballarat Permaculture Guild, Ballarat U3A.

We are looking to set up a management committee and a team of committed volunteers to run this. Email  to get on board.

Read more: Local Exchange Trading Systems - LETS

annual report 2018BREAZE has produced an 2018 Annual Report. 

This will be used to assist us when applying for grants,  communicating with other groups and organisations.

It will be an ongoing exercise to these groups and you informed of what we have achieved in the year.  

Please read the document.


csiro talk

Tomorrow Thursday, 25 July 2019 

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Mercure Ballarat

The effects of our changing climate are already being experienced across Victoria, including reduced rainfall and higher than average temperatures.

Adapting to the impacts of the changing climate and managing current and future risks is critical to building resilience in our communities.

During this series of forums in Ballarat and Horsham, you can find out more about our changing climate from experts including Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO.

Learn about the past, present and future climate in our region and share your ideas about climate adaptation.


The event will also be live streamed via the following link: