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Members of the Ballarat community will make their voice heard loud and clear on Sunday at the Ballarat Walk Against Warming. It will be a united call for political leaders to take action on the climate change emergency in the lead up to the federal election. 

Climate emergency Picture Kate HealyUNITED CALL: Members of the Ballarat Climate Action Network are encouraging Ballarat residents to join their walk in a show of solidarity to political leaders that this May needs to be the climate election. Picture: Kate Healy

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Information session: 5.30pm on Wednesday June 26

Location: Ballarat Tech School.

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June 19 2019

Ballarat will soon have its own Repair Cafe where community members meet to share skills and fix items that would otherwise go to landfill.

Ballarat Tech School will host the Ballarat Repair Cafe once a month, with the first cafe session expected in late August. .

"It suits the requirements of the Repair Cafe and aligns well with the educational aspects of sharing repair knowledge," said Ballarat Repair Cafe organiser Mary Duff.

Ballarat Repair Cafe organiser Mary Duff with members of Ballarat East Mens Shed - Picture by Aldona Kmie

FIXERS: Ballarat Repair Cafe organiser Mary Duff with members of Ballarat East Men's Shed. Picture: Aldona Kmiec

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feb 2019 event headerGreen Drinks - Thursday February 7th 2019

Green drinks is an informative casual get together for people to discuss and share ideas on the environment and sustainability. Generally a presentation is made during the night. Come along to be surprised and join the discussion.

It is held at 7:00 pm on the FIRST Thursday of every month upstairs at The Main Bar, 26 Main Rd, Ballarat. Because it is a casual meeting drinks and food can be purchased from The Main Bar.

Our first meeting is on the 7th February and is on the topic of Waste to Energy Technologies and is presented by Barry Sullivan.

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Peter Reid is wearing his Ballarat and District Soccer Association life member badge as he sits at the dining table in his Ballarat North home.

Looking at the badge, one may find it hard to believe he has never played soccer in his life.

20190125 Peter Reid OAMCOMMUNITY: Peter Reid OAM in the garden of his Ballarat North home. He admits he has always been a 'greenie', applying environmental principles to his engineering work, and is now taking a lead in BREAZE. Picture: Kate Healy

But after hearing his story the small blue badge becomes a symbol of his service to the Ballarat community and love of helping lead volunteer organisations to bring about positive change.

Mr Reid has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), a recognition of his outstanding service.
“It is a reward for me from all the effort other people have done,” he says with a laugh.
“It has all been teams, it has all been committees – none of it you do by yourself.”

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Green Drinks Dec 2018

As you probably know BREAZE is a local, volunteer based community group advising and encouraging LOCAL action by individuals, businesses and government in the Ballarat Region to reduce emissions to zero by 2030. As you have been a valued member of BREAZE in the past, we are asking if you would again consider supporting us through financial membership. Here’s why we think you should take another look at our organisation:

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2018 11 19 breaze boardThe BREAZE 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held on 5:30 pm, Monday, 19 November 2018, at the Lake View Hotel, Champagne Room.

Our guest speakers covered some great projects that they have been involved with in BREAZE during 2018.

Matt Vallance - McCallum Disability Services on their new supported living house at Lucas and other McCallum Industries activities.

Joe Finneran - Mollongghip and District Community Power Hub project.

The new committee was elected:

  • President - Paul Duggan
  • Vice President - Mary Debrett
  • Treasurer - Peter Reid
  • Secretary - Ian Rossiter
  • General Member & Chair BREAZE Public Fund - Jeremy Hunt
  • General Member & Director BREAZE Energy Solutions - Simon Reid
  • General Members
    Barbara Whitfield
    Joe Natoli
    Barry Sullivan
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With international news articles this month depicting deaths due to heat stress in Bangladesh and Canada, flooding in Japan, a coastal village evacuated in Innaarsuit Greenland due to a massive detached iceberg threatening to cause tsunamis, unprecedented forest and scrub fires in Sweden ,Greece,USA and Canada and this week’s wind destruction across Victoria, it is obvious that global warming is driving more and more extreme weather events. Ian RossiterThese events however receive little interest from politicians and media unless they are seen impacting directly on Australians. The cause and effect of burning fossil fuels is well understood generally by the public, however because the impacts of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere are delayed by decades, there isn’t a sense of immediacy to take action. We have seen our community rally to the crises of water scarcity during the millennium drought (1996 till 2010) and single use plastic environmental impacts. How do we mobilise Australians to take action on climate change? 

With the Ballarat Farmers Market now being organised and delivered by Steve Burns, BREAZE volunteer resources can be allocated to events and activities that build awareness of the the causes and impacts of climate change and actions that our region's population can take to reduce emissions and address the challenges faced due to the 1 degree Celsius average global temperature rise that has occurred over the last 50 years. 

BREAZE remains active with its monthly Smart Living Ballarat lunchtime workshops at the Ballarat Library, the Community Power Hub Ballarat program and Sustainable House Day (Sunday 16 September). I encourage readers to assist us with this event by opening your home, volunteering to assist at the open homes or getting around to the open homes in the region. (for information see Website Link)

The  BREAZE Board is keen to take a lead role in organising GREEN DRINKS by BREAZE. The international activity for people with an interest in environmental sustainability occurs regularly in pubs and cafes around the world to allow like minded people to share ideas, collaborate and learn. We are launching anevening event in Ballarat on the first Thursday in the month.    In doing so we acknowledge the efforts that previous organisers have made to make this a success in the past.