With international news articles this month depicting deaths due to heat stress in Bangladesh and Canada, flooding in Japan, a coastal village evacuated in Innaarsuit Greenland due to a massive detached iceberg threatening to cause tsunamis, unprecedented forest and scrub fires in Sweden ,Greece,USA and Canada and this week’s wind destruction across Victoria, it is obvious that global warming is driving more and more extreme weather events. Ian Rossiter

These events however receive little interest from politicians and media unless they are seen impacting directly on Australians. The cause and effect of burning fossil fuels is well understood generally by the public, however because the impacts of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere are delayed by decades, there isn’t a sense of immediacy to take action.

We have seen our community rally to the crises of water scarcity during the millennium drought (1996 till 2010) and single use plastic environmental impacts. How do we mobilise Australians to take action on climate change? 

With the Ballarat Farmers Market now being organised and delivered by Steve Burns, BREAZE volunteer resources can be allocated to events and activities that build awareness of the the causes and impacts of climate change and actions that our region's population can take to reduce emissions and address the challenges faced due to the 1 degree Celsius average global temperature rise that has occurred over the last 50 years. 

BREAZE remains active with its monthly Smart Living Ballarat lunchtime workshops at the Ballarat Library, the Community Power Hub Ballarat program and Sustainable House Day (Sunday 16 September). I encourage readers to assist us with this event by opening your home, volunteering to assist at the open homes or getting around to the open homes in the region. (for information see http://www.sustainablehouseday.com)

The Board is keen to take a lead role in organising GREEN DRINKS by BREAZE. The international activity for people with an interest in environmental sustainability occurs regularly in pubs and cafes around the world to allow like minded people to share ideas, collaborate and learn. After consultation with that previous organisers, who have made Green Drinks such a success in the past, we are re-launching an evening event in Ballarat, which will be held on the first Thursday in the month, at The Main Bar.  

We had a great turn out to our Film night at the the Regent in Ballarat, (after a drink and a chat at BREAZE Drinks before hand), with standing room only to watch "Living the Change".   

Look here for the major events world wide : http://worldenvironmentday.global/en/news/tide-has-turned

We were unable to fit in the "BAYKEEPERS" film, within our allocated time, so you can catch it on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhA6sj66K5w - and more details below.

If you missed it, a series of short films, from can be found on Youtube, from this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jh1481J6qw&list=PLxpEMxZu0vVcb7NatbhU3nd6ZmOiDYxgM

2018 WED

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WritingCompettionWednesday 5th June

Time  4:00pm - 5:00pm 

Venue: Eastwood Leisure Centre

The BREAZE World Environment Day Children’s Writing Competition.

The winners will be announced at a presentation this Wednesday.  Come along and talk to students about their ideas regarding the environment


Picture : - 2018 winners


WritingCompettionThe BREAZE World Environment Day Children’s Writing Competition.

This year BREAZE ran a children’s writing competition to celebrate World Environment Day.

Information sheets and entry forms were sent to primary schools across greater Ballarat inviting children in grades 5 & 6 to write 50-100 words on ‘What I can do to help the environment.’

Hoping that teachers would see the competition as an engaging way to discuss the environment with their students, BREAZE Board offered a prize for the best entry from every school. Teachers were referred to the World Environment Day website for class resources.

The judging panel of five BREAZE members received 84 entries. Overall, the entries reflected concern about various kinds of environmental pollution and also widespread understanding that these are largely produced by us.

The World Environment Day theme for 2018 was Beat Plastic Pollution. Many of the children wrote of the perils of single-use plastic and how it is impacting on sea life in particular. Some detailed the cold hard facts – the statistics of how many plastic-lined beverage cups, straws and plastic bags we use and throw away each year – using the sheer volume of this waste to make a compelling case for recycling in all its forms: from roadside collections, to sharing, to re-purposing

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Ian RossiterOn Monday 21st May we held a Special General Meeting for BREAZE members at the Ballarat Central Library to consider changes to the membership fee structure. This was considered necessary due to the large number of categories for membership and their costs making the renewal process complex, particularly via the web. I am pleased to announce that the following motion was carried unanimously:

That BREAZE adopts two membership types:
• Single Membership – cost $20 annually (includes 1 Adult and 2 children)
• Family Membership – cost $40 annually (includes 2 Adults and 4 children)

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breaze logo145x

BREAZE has simplified its membership system.     We now only have Single or Family membership available for new members.   If you are an existing member you can check out your membership status.  Memberships can be completed online and payments made via Paypal or direct deposit.   If you have any queries please contact

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2018 WED

Come along and celebrate World Environment Day at this special double bill screening of two great local films.

Where: Regent Cinemas Ballarat, 49 Lydiard St North
When: Tuesday 5th of June, 7.30pm Tickets $15.
Bookings at https://breazefilmnight.eventbrite.com.au/

Also, you are welcome to come along to BREAZE Drinks at Mitchell Harris Wines, 38 Doveton St N, Ballarat from 6pm on the same night. All welcome.

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