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Postal address:

PO Box 1301, Bakery Hill, VIC 3354

 Phone Enquiries (to a BREAZE volunteer)

0432 635 637

 Ian Rossiter

President – Ian Rossiter in his fourth year as a board member following retirement from his local government career. His interests include horticulture, waste reduction, bioenergy and sustainable local food production.

TarnK small

Vice President – Tarn Kruger is in her second year as a board member. Tarn has worked as a teacher, delivered education programs at the Creswick Landcare Centre and recently completed a PhD, which explored the dilemmas and risks for firefighters and the importance of local knowledge in bushfire response. Tarn has taken on a role with Rene de Jong coordinating the Smart Living Market registrations, volunteer rosters and logistics

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November 2006 - The ‘Walk Against Warming’ – “C’mon, let’s do something about it…”

The genesis of BREAZE was at the ‘Walk Against Warming’ on November 4, 2006 where a group of like-minded people who wanted to take direct and local action regarding climate change met together (in pretty ad hoc fashion) and had informal discussions about what could be done within the Ballarat region to lower greenhouse emissions. It was resolved to hold a meeting to discuss forming a community association dedicated to this task.

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From this page you can download BREAZE posters and flyers produced for BREAZE events and campaigns.

BREAZE Brainstorm Program

Poster (A4 sized pdf, about 150k)

BREAZE Brainstorm

Poster (A4 sized pdf, about 300k)

Clean Up Australia Day

Leaflet (A4 sized pdf, to make four leaflets, about 400k)

The John Seed Roadshow (Feb, 2007)

Poster (pdf, about 200k)

Flyer (pdf, about 200k)

End of 2006

Poster (pdf, about 350k) (Currently not available)

Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions (BREAZE) is a non-profit grassroots organisation, which has come about because members of the Ballarat community want to demonstrate that individual and community-based actions can make a difference in our response to climate change.

BREAZE was officially formed during a public forum in December 2006 when 40 people signed up to become members. After just 12 months, interest in BREAZE and its activities has grown to the extent membership and the email distribution list are numerically very strong. The beginnings of BREAZE as a grassroots organisation underpin its emphasis on engaging and supporting the Ballarat community, implementing actions and working with partners. We also advocate government policies that embrace climate change, while not aligning ourselves with any political party.

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