web pageAfter nearly ten years the time has come for another website revamp.   

In this time, the sustainable landscape has changed, as there is more information on the web, many more sustainable groups operating in our region.

The website now presents news, events and information in the following Categories

  • BREAZE - Information about BREAZE, membership, newsletters and volunteers
  • Sustainability - All our local actions, ideas and events (except food - it gets its own category)
  • Local Food -  local food environment in the Ballarat Region
  • Business & Government - Federal, State, local government and semi government, and Businesses
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The BREAZE Board has sold down its shareholding in BREAZE Energy Solutions to 20%.

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Since its inception BREAZE has been involved in the sale of renewable energy solutions. Together with the changes in regulation, acceptance and normalisation of solar hot water and electricity in the community, and the administration costs involved, your Board undertook a very thorough review of the need to be the sole shareholder in BREAZE Enterprises Pty Ltd, trading as BREAZE Energy Solutions, earlier this year.

The outcome of this review was that it would be in the best interest of both organisations for BREAZE Inc. to reduced its shareholding to 20%.

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Social Solar By BREAZE acknowledges the valuable contribution made by Peter Lambert Design


BREAZE acknowledges the valuable contribution made by Melanie StangerThe Changesmiths, for the BREAZE branding, posters and graphics since we began in 2006.






BREAZE partners with groups and organisations within the Ballarat area that have a natural affilliation due to their goals and values.

Probono services are also provided by local organisations, and we thank them for their expertise.  We encourage members to support the companies supporting our Sustainability and Environment.

Thanks to  ....

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Ballarat City is sponsoring the Smart Living Center and related sustainability activities.


To download a pdf of the Environment Sustainability Strategy 2012 - 2014 click here

Jill Clarke and Paul Duggan run Web Directions Buninyong, and continue to provide IT services to the BREAZE organisation

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